If you're struggling over what to talk to me about, here's a list of my personal interests. 

2%, atonality, avoiding math, being half-assed hardcore, biting high society wit, black and milds, british bran flakes, burkian philosophies, captain murphy, cary grant, chopin, clothing care symbols, clove-based nostalgia, coinstars, confusion over installations, cynical optimism, david beckham's hair, dick van dyke, diet coke christmas cans, dome construction, elroy jetson, eponymous words, faking html, finding boredom aesthetically offensive, fleet street, greying hairs, half-forgotten memories, ham sandwich asphyxiation, hoods, houdon, inari, involuntary musings over death, kafka, knuckle cracking, mary queen of scots, massive tomes, minute bol, mos def, mozart's requiem, occasionally exploring girly impulses, odb's untimely death, outliers, paperback writers, portmanteau words, practicing one-sided conversations, procrastination, rabelaisian bon-vivants, rampant swearing, revenge stories, safety in agnosticism, schadenfreude, semi-colons, skin suits, slightly awkward people, space mountain, sweet and sour sauce, televised surgery, tetris, that faceless metropolis, the bill evans trio, the cult of sensibility, the restoration, the sublime, tillamook, trivial pursuits, turning dogs' ears inside-out, unnecessary alphabetization, using interests lists as self-aggrandizement, vaccuuming, various cheeses, vast swaths of color, vast swaths of noise, vengeful backup singers, vicodin, victorian sideboards, where historical threads intersect.

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