Khruangbin: Maria tambien

"Maria Tambien" is the first single off Khruangbin's sophomore album, "Con Todo El Mundo." 


The band asked me, "if you could make a video about anything, what would it be?"

It was actually an easy answer. As the daughter of Iranian refugees, I'd always wanted to make a video that portrayed the Iran that I knew growing up. Swinging 60's Iran. Back in the day when Tehran was the place to be. The Paris of the Middle East. 

If you look at the IMDB pages of famous Iranian women, their work stops abruptly at 1979. When the Islamic Revolution happens. It's as if they're silenced, erased, in this haunting way. I wanted to video to give the viewer that same eerie feeling, whilst also celebrating these women and their creativity, freedom and ability to express themselves, and bringing them back into the spotlight where they belong. 



Creative Direction & Concept: Sanam Petri & Laura Lee
Director: Chris Boyle
Produced @ Private Island