Originally from the suburban wilds of Marin County, California, I moved to New York in 2006 to try my luck as a "writer" (quotation marks my mother's, not mine) and ended up doing a five-year stint on R/GA's Nike Digital Sports team, working on early inceptions of Nike+, NIKEiD & Nike Fuelband.

Eventually sick of good food and same-day dry cleaning, I moved to London to take on the role of creative director of Beats by Dre, putting out their first three years of campaigns and helping shape the brand in its formative years. 

From there I was adopted into the Wieden+Kennedy family, where I functioned as the less talented but better-looking half of Nike's CD team. We managed every project across Nike Football, Nike Running, Nike Women's... if it had a "Nike" in front of it, we ran it.

Today I'm based in LA, where I work part time on advertising projects, part time on music projects. The latter includes writing and directing music videos, developing ideas for new releases, and just general creative direction for artists -- basically using what I learned in advertising to help musicians reach audiences in interesting, unusual ways.