To support the launch of Nike's new football boot, we wanted to inspire kids to reclaim Latin America’s rebelliously brilliant style of play. The campaign had these three films at the heart of it, involved lots of goats and chickens, of course.



Each spot aimed to encourage football-loving kids to treat the streets like their training ground. In this one, it's man vs. goat -- in a good ole fashioned high noon showdown.  


nike: The finisher

That brash, mischievous style of play is part of what's always made South American football so fun to watch. But with so much European influence creeping in these days, the pitch is becoming increasingly homogenized. So we wanted to take a minute and celebrate the joy and irreverence of the Latin American attitude.


nike: rubbish truck

The Hypervenom boot is all about cut and kill, so each spot features a mix of ball handling and striking to show off the performance aspects of the boot.