NIKE: PLAY BETTER (Latin america)

These were originally supposed to be a series of training films for kids in the barrio. But they ended up being films about how kids use the barrio to train. 



The more we learned about all the funny little ways kids in the barrio train, the more we wanted to pay homage to them with these stories. All four of these films were shot in 48 hours in Mexico City.


nike: catch me if you can

There's a real attitude to the Latin American style of play, almost like a cheekiness you just don't get anywhere else. We wanted the films to capture that feeling of testing the boundaries, always trying to see what you can get away with.

nike: narrow game

The haphazard spaces in many Latin American cities give footballers a unique set of skills. Growing up playing on cobblestone, for example, will train you in a way that perfectly manicured pitches never will. This film pays homage to that. 


NIKE: 20 vs 20

Growing up in the barrio means you never run out of opponents. We shot this without a football choreographer, letting the kids play naturally for a more organic feel.