out of this world I

To launch Cristiano Ronaldo's new boot, Nike wanted to remind the world of his incredible arsenal of skills. So we released a series of short-form content online in the lead-up to El Clasico, one of the most talked-about games of the season, that combined in-game footage of CR7 and unlikely clips from YouTube.


nike out of this world I: predictably unpredictable

There's only one thing you can be sure about in Ronaldo's game: his unpredictability. We celebrated this most devastating skill by cutting it against a piece of found footage from the internet. 


nike out of this world I: Dazzling footwork

CR7's agility is mind-boggling to opponents. To demonstrate this, we showed its affect on some of the more vulnerable members of the animal kingdom. 

nike out of this world i: explosive speed

This film is a nice little homage to his break-neck speed off the line. None of the films were longer than :10, so they could fit onto any social platform. (Well, in the pre-Vine days at least.)