Nike: dare to zlatan

During the 2014 World Cup "Risk Everything" campaign, Nike asked us to rebrand Zlatan Ibrahimovich as the world's most risk-taking footballer.  So we hosted a Twitter Q&A -- notoriously the most boring format in football -- and turned it into something less boring. 


dare to zlatan: get better with pressure

During the 24-hour campaign, kids wrote to Zlatan via Twitter to ask him questions, just like any athlete Q&A. Our team of writers all reacted in the moment, responding with films, images and GIFs disguised as lessons in how to take risks on the pitch. Like this one.


Dare to zlatan: fear nothing

The films were all shot on a green screen in a warehouse outside of Paris. We then worked with The Mill to create matte paintings that became the backgrounds for each of Zlatan's worlds. 



I know campaign stats are usually totally meaningless, but some of the images and GIFs were getting 12k, 13k retweets in minutes. Here are some of the highlights. You can still go back through Zlatan's Twitter page and see them all, he hasn't posted much since then. 

dare to zlatan: trust your instincts

Though the films were the most labor-intensive part of the campaign, they ended up being some of the least popular content on the day. Because the Q&A lived solely on Twitter, it was the images that were shared far more often. Though Piers Morgan did retweet this video, which is probably my least impressive claim to fame to date.