In 2014, England was on its way to the World Cup in Brazil. And as usual, the country was bemoaning its chances on the international stage. To launch their new kit, Nike asked us to make a series of films that celebrated the extraordinary skills of its three leading goal scorers: Wayne Rooney, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Jack Wilshere. 


Wayne Rooney: Attempt the Unthinkable (:15)

We used existing in-game footage of Wayne Rooney, then animated over the top of it to demonstrate Wayne's skills in the face of the opposing team "parking the bus." Since the films sat under the banner of Risk Everything, the visual world we created was deliberately ominous and foreboding. (It turns out, a foreshadowing of the team's performance that year.)


alex oxlade-chamberlain: fear nothing (:15)

Each scenario in these films is based on an insight in the athlete's game. This one is about the predatory nature of the Ox's style of play -- when the ball is at his feet, not even the most fearsome opponent can stop him. 

Jack wilshere: Never play it safe (:15)

Wilshere is the perfect combination of the English fighting spirit and the passing technique of Spanish midfield maestros. A pinball wizard with both the ball and the world at his feet.