nike: snkrs

In 2016, we wanted to let sneakerheads know that was the freshest place to get exclusive drops. To do so, we created these three films with director Chris Boyle, announcing a mysterious shoe box dropping to earth. Then we dropped a massive sneakerbox in the middle of Stockholm -- the only place to get one-of-a-kind drops. Sneakerheads made pilgrimages to the box from all over the Nordics, just to connect to


nike: mission control

With tight budgets, we knew we wouldn't have enough to shoot live action. So we decided to try using stock footage instead. It was a risk that paid off, I think. There's a madness to the films I really like.  

Each film tells the story of a sneaker box falling to earth -- and the aftermath -- using Getty, iStockphoto and Pond5 footage, plus a hell of a lot of post. 


Nike: call of the wild

When the SNKR box drops, even the animals get excited. I think this one is my favorite. I hope one day to have a "money power sneakers" sign above my desk. 


nike: ufo

Also known as the Unidentified Flying Sneakerbox. Sort of a sly dig at sneakerhead culture, which these days is more like a cult than most actual cults. 


stockholm sneakerbox

After the films announced the sneakerbox falling to earth, we made a real one "crash" into a popular square in Stockholm.

Sneakerheads would connect their mobiles to the box's wifi, then access a secret page on that let them get an exclusive sneaker drop.

As soon as they ordered, a custom SNKRS van would pull up with their package. World's fastest internet delivery system. We sold out in minutes.